Total LifeCycle Management Video

Total LifeCycle Management
June 20, 2018

Total LifeCycle Management Video

With Total LifeCycle Management (TLCM), our team of experts draw from decades of experience to manage the entire lifecycle our customer’s program components. Learn more about Total LifeCycle Management™ (TLCM™) in our video.


Total LifeCycle Management Brochure

When customers protect their program investment with Total LifeCycle Management, they gain a dedicated partner with industry insights that enhance their team’s capabilities, a proactive DMS strategy, and a custom portal for configuration control, allowing them to focus their resources elsewhere while still keeping a finger on the pulse of their program. The TLCM team works with customers to choose technology solutions with longevity opportunities, reduce the risk of component obsolescence, and ultimately increase program stability to mitigate financial risk.

Video Transcript

The defense industry can be challenging. When it comes to today’s programs, you’re faced with increasing pressure to save costs and use commercial off-the-shelf components.

Yet the lifespan and complexity of these programs continue to grow, making things like DMS and obsolescence a real concern, ultimately increasing program risk.

That’s why Curtiss-Wright created Total LifeCycle Management. It bridges the gap between cost-effective COTS components and today’s complex defense programs. It all starts with our dedicated TLCM team: a group of experts with decades of experience who manage the entire lifecycle of your components. Everything from transparent communication to proactive strategies – we become a true extension of your program.

And best of all, it’s all delivered to you through our easy-to-access, real-time, TLCM portal. Complete visibility of your program, no matter what time of day, no matter where you are.

Curtiss-Wright has always been a trusted partner – and now, with TLCM, you can reduce your risk, increase your control, and deliver a truly successful program.