Drive Technology Capabilities

Drive Technology solutions provide the highest degree of motion control and stability available on the market. Built using a modular suite of rugged and field-proven components, every solution we deliver is engineered to meet your unique program performance and environmental requirements with unmatched levels of precision and reliability. Watch our video to learn more about how our systems can help you!

Video Transcript

Control and stability are key requirements for platforms moving across rough terrain or traveling at high speed. To perform effectively turrets must be stabilized to compensate for forward motion and the negative effects of bouncing, rocking, and rolling caused by uneven terrain. With proper stabilization, operators will have more control while the vehicle is in motion.

Andreas Schneider, Director Sales & Commercial

“Drive Technology is a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions and we design, develop, manufacture, and sell electromechanical components for stabilization platforms, such platforms are used in Military vehicles such as battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles (eg: Abrams M142, Lockheed Martin AJAX 40mm) or remote-controlled weapon stations(eg: BAE TRT 25mm).”

These platforms must be able to move accurately to locate a target and stabilize a shot. Our solutions are engineered to provide the stability the platform needs while it is in motion and for aiming the turret and they deliver the highest degree of motion control and stability available on the market.

Michael Kleiber, Director Engineering & CTO

“At Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology Solutions stands for high reliability, high flexibility, and high precision. They are designed for a life cycle of up to 30 years. The configuration of the system allows for the upgrade from manual systems up to electromechanically driven systems and these have the stabilized software to compensate for the bumps of the heavy ground.”

Upgrade Path:

  1. Manual: Mechanical Movement with manual drive
  2. Electromechanical: Electric movement with servo drive
  3. Stabilized: Electric movement with basic to high-performance stabilization.

Ulrico Zubler, Managing Director

“We have developed a unique, modular, and scalable concept, we can address different size turrets from remote weapon station to the large caliber of the main battle tank, as well as, we can cover different requirements.”

Andreas Schneider, Director Sales & Commercial

“Drive Technology has been a global player for electromechanical drive systems for over 60 years backed by Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions heritage of Innovation. Drive Technology while part of the Curtiss-Wright Group, is a Swiss company located in Switzerland. Drive Tech stands for quality and all parts are ITAR-free. These modular components help us to develop prototypes faster and to help our customer enter the market faster when it comes to new programs or to retrofit programs.”