Meeting the demands of SIGINT and EW with the VPX3-530

Meeting the demands of SIGINT and EW with the VPX3-530 video

With increasingly advanced threats in signals intelligence and electronic warfare, systems need to be reliable and SWaP-optimized. Stay ahead of the game with Curtiss-Wright and the VPX3-530 ADC/DAC Module.

Video Transcript

Meeting the demands of signals intelligence and electronic warfare with the VPX3-530

Out on the tactical edge, our forces are facing increasingly sophisticated threats – driving the need for advanced signal intelligence and electronic warfare capabilities for deployed platforms.

Defense designers need to create new generations of high-frequency RF electronics to help accurately locate, identify, and rapidly respond to hostile radars for effective countermeasures. This requires three key components: precision, processing speed and low latency IO.

Curtiss-Wright’s 3U OpenVPX COTS module offers a cost-effective solution you can count on – designed specifically to meet the demands of signal intelligence and electronic warfare.

To ensure precision in locating threats, we’ve worked hard to make sure all RF analog IO can be synchronized coherently, even between cards for accurate beamforming.

Our VPX3-530 board combines high-density analog IO, low latency wideband RF architecture, and a powerful user-programmable Xilinx FPGA in a single product for high performance, efficient throughput. Its monolithic design ensures maximum functionality in the minimum of system card slots – and is architected to allow for larger systems.

System configurations with multiple functions can be challenging, but having a single vendor with a wide arsenal of SWaP-optimized building blocks can reduce integration risks and ease support processes.

Curtiss-Wright works as a one-stop-shop and supplies application-ready system-level solutions for even the most demanding environmental requirements, allowing you to focus on your core area of expertise and accelerate time to market.

With the Curtiss-Wright VPX3-530 board, you can deploy winning designs on small platforms and defeat new, sophisticated threats with ease. Stay ahead of the game with Curtiss-Wright and the VPX3-530.