IQ-Core Software Overview Video

PacStar IQ-Core Software Overview Video

The IQ-Core Software provides an intuitive user interface that makes communications setup and operation quick and easy to learn. It reduces configuration errors by assisting organizations in maintaining uptime, performance, and compliance with cybersecurity requirements, and simplifies troubleshooting with tools for both entry-level and advanced network administrators. Learn more about it's features and benefits to the warfighter in this video.


I'm Charlie Kawasaki, chief technical officer of PacStar. My goal is to share with you the power and benefits of IQ-Core Software, designed to revolutionize tactical network management. Our military is aggressively modernizing its communications networks to achieve and maintain overmatch. As part of this tactical networking, programs face intense pressure to deploy cutting-edge, best-of-breed technologies. This results in operators confronted with multiple vendor user intercases requiring extensive training time, leading to complex and error-prone configuration, long setup times, and high downtime.

PacStar developed IQ-Core Software to overcome the growing problem of tactical network complexity. IQ-Core Software does this by reducing configuration errors, simplifying troubleshooting, saving time, and providing cyber situational awareness. It also facilitates remote and distributed management. IQ-Core Software automates routine and complex tasks that often require interaction with multiple vendors' products using powerful, wizard-driven interfaces. This example shows just how easily you can add a user to a network, which normally requires expertise in active directory and enterprise-class phone systems, and takes dozens of steps without IQ-Core Software.

PacStar makes IQ-Core Software available in three major editions that work together to deliver unparalleled results. IQ-Core NCM, which runs on network nodes, manages a broad range of popular DoD devices. It has a comprehensive suite of tools designed for lightly-trained operators and advanced administrators. IQ-Core Crypto Manager adds to NCM. It runs on network nodes and includes extensive capabilities for managing VPN gateways, certificate authorities, and PKI. This reduces the complexity of deploying military-grade encryption solutions, and is ideal for secure wireless and mobility solutions including Commercial Solutions for Classified, or CSfC, solutions. IQ-Core ROAM enables distributed and remote network management, even in disconnected, intermittent, and limited environments. IQ-Core ROAM runs on both remote and central network systems, enabling local and central administrators to see the same views and collaborate to ensure networks meet mission objectives.

Today's tactical networks are organized in hierarchies, or tiers, with large command posts or facilities at the top and remote teams at the bottom. IQ-Core ROAM is organized the same way, enabling administrators and operators to navigate the network from the top central node to the bottom remote nodes, mirroring the network structure. IQ-Core Software is ideal for any organization with complex or remote access requirements, including command posts and enterprises, small and remote teams, and vehicle-mounted communications including ground, air, surface, or undersea, including unmanned and robotic systems.

To learn more about how IQ-Core Software can benefit your organization, you can find information on PacStar's website, including datasheets and white papers. You can also request a discussion with one of our experts or ask for a free evalutaion copy of IQ-Core Software right from our website. We think you'll quickly discover why we say IQ-Core Software enables warfighters to fight the battle and not the network.