PacStar Tactical Communications Solutions Video

PacStar Tactical Communications Solutions Video

Watch this video to learn how Curtiss-Wright's PacStar hardware, software, and integrated solutions enhance communications for defense, government, commercial organizations, and incident response teams in rugged and remote locations around the world.

Video Transcript

PacStar's technology has been driven by our in-depth understanding of our customers' mission critical needs. Our software and hardware products are designed to enhance communications for incident response teams government organizations commercial customers and the U.S. military in rugged remote locations around the world.

PacStar solutions have revolutionized communications on the battlefield. We've engineered products with the smallest size weight and power that are rugged reliable modular and easy to use so our customers can hit the ground running. With IQ-Core software it takes seconds to accomplish what used to take hours. Better mobility with seamless coordination means increased safety and mission success.

With PacStar's products quality is built-in. We do rigorous testing through every step of our manufacturing process to ensure reliability.

We build products locally using U.S.-based and northwest suppliers but our customers are around the world. U.S. military and government agency programs operating in 24 countries have adopted our solutions as their standard.

Our products are truly transformational. We enable the use of smartphones and mobile devices for classified communications on the battlefield for the first time. By combining our advanced hardware and software into integrated secure wireless solutions we dramatically enhance warfighter situational awareness increasing mission success and saving lives.

And we're just getting started.