ADSR Demonstration from ITC 2021

ADSR Demonstration Video

Watch this video to learn about the newest edition to the ADSR range of recorders from Curtiss-Wright. This video was created at ITC 2021.


The QrNexus ADSR product line is meant to be our quick response recorders which means these are meant to go on to existing aircraft that may or may not have flight test equipment already on it. And it's meant to hook up directly to customer-specific avionics buses and bulk record that data and then output selected data to either existing FTI equipment or a transmitter for the ground station. What we have here is a MnACQ which is acting as a 1553 bus simulator and then that is feeding directly into the ADSR-10. It's taking in data as if it's from a 1553 bus, recording it as Chapter 10 data, and then pulling out selected data for telemetry. It also can act as a general network recorder if there is any type of additional network data that you need to record as well in the same recorder.

Along with that, it has traditional features such as GPS locking, support for IRIG DC, and AC. It can also act as a grandmaster for the 1588 clock. And then we have here is actually just showing the selected data output of the ADSR. The selected data output can either be PCM, Chapter 4 or Darby 3, or TnMS data format. So here is the network traffic from the selected data and we just have a few measurements from our 1553 data source here shown just to demonstrate this selected output.