Webinar: Raising the Bar on Device Management for Classified Mobility

Raising the Bar on Device Management for Classified Mobility webinar

Defense organizations responsible for communications have a critical need to improve mobility. From deployed military to remote access for key personnel, the current state of the art for deployed communications systems requires hours of setup, and has security concerns that require high level approvals.

Deployment of devices for classified communications depends on advanced technologies, such as dual VPN clients and has extensive configuration that conform to NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) guidelines.

However, these technologies are complex. A new class of deployable network systems combined with industry-leading secure software is bringing the benefits of classified access to warfighters in the field and remote access to classified infrastructure.

With these enhanced technologies you can reduce setup time from hours to minutes, increase security, enable mobility, and improve situational awareness. These systems allow end-users to use commercial laptops to access classified information everywhere.

Watch this webinar for an in-depth exploration of challenges in mobile device provisioning and management, and how some large-scale organizations overcome challenges with industry-leading secure software with automated provisioning and management.

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