VPX3-4940 3U VPX GPU Card Data Sheet

VPX3-4940 3U VPX GPU Card

The rugged VPX3-4940 high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) GPU card combines a NVIDIA® RTX™ 2000 Ada Generation embedded GPU and a PCI Express Gen 4 switch in a 3U VPX card. Designed and manufactured by WOLF Advanced Technology, the VPX3-4940 GPU card provides advanced processing capabilities for artificial intelligence (AI) and HPEC processing.

The NVIDIA Ada architecture includes CUDA® cores for HPEC, 4th generation Tensor cores for AI and data science computations, and 3rd generation Ray Tracing (RT) cores for visually accurate rendering.

The Ada GPU uses the new TSMC 4N NVIDIA Custom Manufacturing Process which increases efficiency. The denser Ada GPU has more CUDA and Tensor cores operating at higher clock frequencies at the same power, delivering significantly more performance per watt compared to previous generation.