PacStar Comparison Study

PacStar Comparison Study

Results from comparing PacStar IQ-Core Software with manual methods

In June and July 2016, an independent research company conducted a user study to measure the impact of using PacStar® IQ-Core® Software to configure and manage complex networking equipment. 22 untrained end users were asked to perform the same two tasks, once using PacStar IQ-Core Software and once using the equivalent manual method (e.g., command line). 

Half of the participants did the manual method first, and half used PacStar IQ-Core Software first. The results showed that using PacStar IQ-Core Software to do these tasks greatly improved participants’ ability to complete them successfully and drastically reduced the time spent, errors committed, and support needed. This was true regardless of the person’s level of computer and networking expertise. Participants also reported significantly higher confidence in their ability to do other, similar tasks on the equipment when using PacStar IQ-Core Software.

Log in and download the whitepaper to learn more about how with PacStar IQ-Core software, participants:

  • Performed the VPN setup task 10X faster, and the backup task 2.5X faster
  • Had 9X fewer errors
  • Were twice as successful in completing both tasks in the allotted time
  • Felt twice as confident about performing other tasks on the equipment