A Matter of Trust: Reducing Program Risk with Dependable Solutions

A Matter of Trust: Reducing Program Risk with Dependable Solutions

Leveraging Trust as a Tactical Advantage

The tactical advantage on the battlefield of the future will be based on trust.

From advanced sensors on autonomous and semi-autonomous air, ground, and sea platforms to cloud-based communications networks, and right down to the electromechanical systems that control everything from turret aiming to helicopter landing, soldiers and commanders will be working with more complex equipment. To be effective on the battlefield, personnel will need a higher level of trust that all systems will work as needed in any situation.

Ultimately, mission success will depend on every module, subsystem, and system on every platform performing exactly as designed under the harshest conditions, while ensuring that critical data is secure and protected. Data acquisition and management, signal processing, mission computing, communications, networking, and equipment handling and stabilization must all be rugged, reliable, robust, and ready for any situation. If soldiers and commanders can’t trust the tools they have been given to work with, they will abandon them. If they do, all tactical advantages provided by the blending of advanced digital and electromechanical technologies for modern warfare will be lost.

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