XMC-715 & X-715 Graphics Controller XMC Data Sheet

XMC-715 & X-715 Graphics Controller XMC

The XMC-715/X-715 graphics controller XMC supports dual independent graphics outputs with a low level of complexity, resulting in a high level of reliability. 

The XMC/X-715 graphics controller card enables rugged deployed military and aerospace graphics sub-systems  development with high-performance, low power, high reliability and small form factor requirements. The X-715 variant is designed for systems with Design Assurance Level (DAL) A process assurance where AC/AMC 20-152A is the means of compliance. 

The XMC/X-715 utilizes the AMD Radeon E4690 Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) to deliver dual independent channels of high-performance 2D/3D graphics.