Curtiss-Wright Debuts “Supply Chain Proofed” Safety Certifiable Rugged Graphics Module for Airborne Platforms

Curtiss-Wright Debuts “Supply Chain Proofed” Safety Certifiable Rugged Graphics Module for Airborne Platforms
New V3-717 3U OpenVPX™ graphics processor module supports DO-254 DAL A and FACE-aligned software drivers with well-sourced, long proven AMD Radeon E8860 GPU


ASHBURN, Va. – October 21, 2021 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a leading supplier of rugged safety certifiable solutions engineered to succeed, has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of DO-254 / DO-178C safety certifiable commercial off the shelf (COTS) products with the introduction of the V3-717, a rugged 3U OpenVPX high-performance graphics processor module. Expanding Curtiss-Wright’s support for the modular open system approach (MOSA), the V3-717 adds hardware-accelerated graphics with video encode/decode hardware acceleration to Curtiss-Wright safety certifiable processor cards, such as the rugged V3-1708 and V3-152 3U OpenVPX modules. Based on the well-known and proven AMD Radeon™ E8860 embedded Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), this multi-head modular open systems approach (MOSA) based graphics card is designed for systems with Design Assurance Level (DAL) A process assurance where AC/AMC 20-152A (RTCA DO-254/EUROCAE ED-80 DAL-A) is the means to compliance. The Radeon E8860 has established a long record of success in safety-critical applications, with deployment in numerous avionics programs for many years. What’s more, the device is supported with well-proven software drivers. These advantages deliver a significant Time To Market risk reduction for new safety-critical avionics programs while providing a competitive advantage when compared to alternative GPU devices.  In this period of supply-chain uncertainty, Curtiss-Wright’s large inventory of Radeon E8860 devices and its industry-leading lifecycle management services for long life defense and aerospace programs make the V3-717 ideally suited to support new safety-critical avionics programs. The V3-717 is an active product, with no part changes, for which availability is scheduled to continue through 2026. With higher performance graphics processing than previous generations of GPU and advanced features such as video encoding, the V3-717, is designed for use in critical DO-254 airborne applications with demanding graphics requirements such as degraded visual environment (DVE) and mission displays. 

V3-717 3U VPX Graphics Module

“With the introduction of our new V3-717 Graphics Module, Curtiss-Wright further demonstrates its commitment to deliver reliable, high-performance safety-certifiable COTS solutions, supported with proven software drivers and safety certifiable APIs,” said Chris Wiltsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division. “The V3-717, backed with well-sourced, well-established Radeon E8860 GPU devices and unmatched lifecycle management services, delivers significant program risk reduction while speeding time to market for safety-certified avionics systems.”

The V3-717 is supported by a suite of CoreAVI® software drivers and is supported by the embedded industry’s longest component supply program. These graphics drivers are aligned with the FACE™ standard. Safety certifiable graphics software APIs supported by the V3-717 include OpenGL® SC 1.0.1 and OpenGL SC 2.0. The OpenGL SC 2.0 API include EGL 1.4 and can support the EGL compositor extension. DO-254 and DO-178C certification artifact kits, available from Curtiss-Wright, ease platform certification, speed time to market, and significantly reduce the cost and risk of developing safety certifiable electronics subsystems for commercial and military aviation platforms.

The Trusted Proven Open Standards Leader

Curtiss-Wright is an active contributor to the definition and advancement of open standards in support of MOSA.  Curtiss-Wright has been a leading contributor to the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) that oversees the definition of the OpenVPX, PMC, XMC, and FMC form factor standards. This makes Curtiss-Wright ideally positioned to work with customers and help guide the development and success of their open standards-based applications.


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