VPX3-1708 & V3-1708

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3U VPX Processor Card with NXP Arm LX2160A

Available with DO-254 DAL A artifacts for safety certification

The VPX3-1708 single board computer delivers the next step in performance while maintaining a similar power envelope to previous NXP processor generations. Available in a safety-certifiable variant, the V3-1708, this COTS processor card is designed to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with getting rugged, safety-critical systems to the field.

  • High-performance, SWaP-optimized processing
  • Enhanced Trusted Computing capabilities
  • Built-in adherence to DO-254 and AMC 20-152A/AC 20-152A
  • Failure detection coverage through FMEA and BIT software source kit

The VPX3-1708 and V3-1708 support a wide range of popular operating systems, including DDC-I Deos, Green Hills Software INTEGRITY-178 tuMP, Lynx Software Technologies LynxOS, and Wind River VxWorks HVP.


Take flight faster with the VPX3-1708 and V3-1708:

High-performance, SWaP-optimized processing

The VPX3/V3-1708’s LX2160A system on chip (SoC) processor provides an impressive amount of processing power and I/O complement in a low total power envelope. With the addition of wire-rate I/O processing (WRIOP) and other offload engines, the VPX3/V3-1708 provides more real-time processing in the cores for compute-intensive applications.

Enhanced Trusted Computing capabilities

For applications requiring information assurance, the VPX3/V3-1708’s hardware design supports NXP Secure Boot and trust capabilities, along with Arm TrustZone.

Built-in adherence to DO-254 and AMC 20-152A/AC 20-152A

The V3-1708 variant is designed for DAL A systems where AMC 20-152A/AC 20-152A is the means of compliance, calling up DO-254. It’s ideal for safety-critical systems, such as flight control computers, mission control computers, and primary flight displays. Complete your certifiable system with our V3-717 graphics processor.

Failure detection coverage through FMEA

A functional level Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is performed during design to derive additional hardware requirements for safety nets (BITE), identify module-level BIT software, identify system-level requirements, and provide a measure of failure mode detection coverage.

Key Features



  • Military and aerospace general computing and mission processing
  • Fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft, both manned and unmanned
  • Systems where A(M)C 20-152A is the means of compliance (RTCA DO-254/EUROCAE ED-80 DAL A)
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VPX3-1708 & V3-1708

Download Data Sheet