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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions leadership to present opening remarks at CSfC 2022.

Curtiss-Wright to Showcase Secure Tactical Warfighter Communications Solutions for Data-at-Rest/Data-in-Transit at Commercial Solutions for Classified Conference

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions leadership to present opening remarks at CSfC 2022.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Energy Storage for Military Applications Faces Demands for More Power

Mobile electronics for the battlefield go hand-in-hand with batteries, and have done so for years. It’s not news that electronics that can’t be plugged-in relies on the energy-storage medium of batteries.


Strength in Numbers

CESMO and the Power of EW Interoperability - knowing the precise location of threats and friendly forces is essential to increasing warfighter survivability.

Military Embedded Systems

Secure Wireless Communication Supports Mounted and Dismounted Connectivity

Secure wireless communications (SWC) technology for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-end user device (V2E) communication is useful for tactical environments as it improves network flexibility and operational maneuverability while reducing management complexity and cost.

AAAA 2022

Transformational MOSA-based Technologies to be Showcased at Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

Curtiss-Wright, in collaboration with technology partners, will demonstrate interoperable MOSA solutions that bring advanced capabilities to Army Aviation systems.

Milsat Magazine

Secure Wireless Solutions for Tactical, Expeditionary, + Deployable Communications

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) tactical/expeditionary networking and command post programs have widely acknowledged the critical need to improve mobility.

CHAMP-XD3 DSP engine

Curtiss-Wright Introduces Its Highest Performance 3U OpenVPX Digital Signal Processing Engine

SOSA™-aligned CHAMP-XD3 DSP engine with new 10-Core Intel Xeon D-1700 processor delivers more scalable processing power with advanced security features for modern defense systems

aerospace & defense Review

Protecting and Analyzing Data from Unmanned Platforms at the Edge of the Battlefield

A key driver for the use of unmanned platforms is their ability to collect data without putting warfighters in harm's way.