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Military Embedded Systems

Newer Rugged Touch Screens Benefit The Modern Warfighter

Today’s modern warfighters have grown up with smartphones and tablets with intuitive, multitouch projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens. They rely heavily on these devices in their personal lives and they expect to have access to the same capabilities and conveniences in the field.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Unmanned Vehicles

Military experts are developing new enabling technologies to help unmanned aircraft, ground vehicles, submarines, and surface vessels swarm and make decisions without human intervention.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Honored by 2020 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Honored by 2020 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards

Curtiss-Wright honored with five Innovators Awards: three Gold for Parvus DuraMAR 6300, VPX3-673 Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) card, VME-1910 single board computer, and two Silver for ADSR-4003 Advanced Data Server and Recorder and GVDU LCD touchscreen Ground Vehicle Display Unit.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

Size, weight, power consumption, and cooling technologies today block quantum computing from the embedded world, but new generations should yield advances in artificial intelligence and computer security.

Military Embedded Systems

Tackling the AI Paradox at the Tactical Edge

In the defense industry, AI is on the path to becoming a loyal companion to the warfighter and manufacturers alike. As technology progresses, so does the range of defense capabilities that AI could not only supplement but eventually manage.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Computing for Unmanned Vehicles

The latest generation of unmanned vehicles operating on land, in the air, and at sea no longer simply are remotely operated. These advanced systems have built-in intelligence to learn from their experiences and make their own decisions.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

The Shrinking World of Small-Form-Factor Embedded Computing

Industry experts say open standards are helping drive development in small-form-factor battlefield and aerospace hardware like system-on-chip and single-board computers.

Military Embedded Systems

Military AI Innovation, SOSA Hot Topics at Embedded Tech Trends

The COTS Confidential Roundtable gathers experts from the defense electronics industry – from major prime contractors to defense component suppliers.