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Military & Aerospace Electronics

New Frontiers in Real-Time Software

Efficient execution is key to real-time mission-critical operating systems software, yet new demands are emerging such as safety-critical operations for avionics and other life-critical applications.

Avionics International

Will Today’s Cybersecurity Guidelines and Standards Become Mandates for Connected Aircraft Systems?

Aviation cybersecurity mandates by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are coming in the next two years.

Military Embedded Systems

How Can I Teach My Machine to Learn?

Like humans, machines learn from experience. They make observations from inputs of images, text, or other data, and then look for patterns. After the machine runs through the mathematical layers, it learns to make better decisions based on the examples it was given.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Designers of Small Rugged Computers for the Battlefield Balance Size, Performance, and Cooling

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components are being embraced so the technology can be serviced at the base instead of waiting for specialized parts or sending the system back state-side.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Military Cyber Security: Threats and Solutions

U.S. government and military are taking a lead role in protecting sensitive computers from cyber attack, and solutions finally are on the horizon.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Trusted Computing: An Overview

Attacks are getting sophisticated. Examples include Rowhammer, Meltdown, Spectre, and others. System designers need to consider many attack vectors.

Military Embedded Systems

What is a Tensor and Why Should I Care?

The magic of tensors comes from their special transformational properties that enable them to describe the same physics in all reference frames.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Understanding Cyber Attacks in Embedded Computing Enables Integrators and Suppliers to Consider Options

The trusted computing task is to apply practical measures that can mitigate the effects of known cyber threats to aerospace and defense systems.