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The Curtiss-Wright MBX1553 Multiplex Bus Switch enhances almost any MIL-STD-1553 system by providing a "virtual patch panel" housed in a 19" rack-mountable 1U chassis. The MBX1553 eliminates time-consuming bus rewiring between different avionics simulations and test scenarios. The switch supports 16 non-redundant LRUs, but it can additionally be used with two or more redundant devices.

The 16x16 cross-point switch permits various connections from 16 transformer-coupled line replaceable unit (LRU) ports to 16 MIL-STD-1553 differential buses. The LRU units can be any MIL-STD-1553 device: bus controller (BC), remote terminal (RT), or bus monitor (BM).

Key Features

  • Save time by wiring once. Connect all LRU devices and Busses under test just one time. Then make connection changes using the switch. Eliminate bus rewiring when changing avionics simulations or test scenarios.
  • Reduce errors with automated tests. Connect with the RS232 and remotely change LRU-to-Bus connections. Write scripts in PERL, TCL, or other scripting languages using the simple, but powerful CLI. Running the same scripts reduces human errors in wiring and configuration.
  • Save money by sharing expensive resources. Move limited BC, RT, BM, analyzers, recorders, or other devices from bus to bus.
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