PacStar Tactical Fusion System (TFS)

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PacStar TFS provides a low SWaP-C, rugged, modular COTS, interoperable family of solutions based on the next-generation models of the field-proven PacStar 400-Series. The system is ideal for: 

  • Processing and analyzing video in visible and IR spectrum for target identification, tracking, and handoff
  • Integrating multiple sensor input from multiple endpoints, including from wireless sources
  • Supporting situational awareness, C2 and mission command applications
  • Distributing data, including geographic information and point-of-interest information to tactical squads
  • Executing computer vision and AI and ML algorithms with low latency

Using the smallest form-factor, most rugged, most widely deployed tactical compute and networking equipment today, PacStar TFS’s modular, open architecture approach includes a family of more than 35 module types, including compute with GPU, storage, switching, routing, radios, crypto and more. Available with an unmatched array of vehicle-mount and warfighter carry options with MIL-STD certifications, PacStar TFS can meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Because PacStar TFS uses the field-proven and highly interoperable PacStar 400-Series, it offers a vendor-agnostic platform for supporting a vast array of industry-standard devices including COTS and GOTS software and can support any IP-enabled EUDs including cameras, AR/VR headsets, and legacy video and radio sources.

PacStar TFS demonstrated interoperability with the most popular tactical software and infrastructure products, and the most promising emerging technologies, ensuring future-proofing and upgradeability, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Edge / IoT Edge – for Azure replication and IoT/Sensor integration
  • Haivision Kraken – DoD-compatible video transcoding
  • Digital Barriers ServerViz – AI/ML-based video analytics with extensive object recognition and tracking
  • TAK Server – secures, brokers, and stores data for group collaboration via TAK clients on Windows, Android, and iPhone
  • Kinetica – IoT streaming data warehouse and AI/ML analytics database
  • Smallest SWaP available today improves mobility and ruggedization compared to any other option
  • Modular system that can be optimized for program needs, maximizing the number of CPU cores, GPU cores, solid-state storage, and radio types depending on program needs
  • Based on Intel and NVIDIA processors and compatible with a wide variety of applications, can meet the needs of a vast array of C5ISR use cases


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PacStar Tactical Fusion System (TFS)

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