PacStar Modular Radio Center (MRC)

PacStar Modular Radio Center (MRC) with power
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PacStar MRC® is a COTS-based, modular, tactical and expeditionary, rugged radio, voice, and IP-integrated solution. 

It integrates popular U.S. DoD and civilian radios into rugged, compact chassis, suitable for soldier-carry, fly-away, or vehicle-mounted applications. Easily combined with the PacStar
400-Series to build radio and IP communication solutions for any mission, PacStar MRC can be configured to support a vast array of use cases and customization options to ensure organizations can meet their tactical or deployed radio communications needs.

Key Features: 

  • Integrates the most popular DoD and civilian radios into compact, rugged, powered deployed and mobile systems
  • Enables a wide array of radio integration use cases, including legacy RoIP integration, MANET integration, and tactical data link (TDL) interoperability
  • Compatible with PacStar 400-Series transit cases and rack mount frames, enabling organizations to mix and match
  • Works with PacStar 400-Series RoIP, networking modules, and servers to create complete communications systems
  • Managed by PacStar IQ-Core® Network Communications Manager. Provides single pane of glass network and server management capabilities for the tactical communicator
  • Based on proven RoIP and voice management technology deployed in over 50 programs and 100,000 end units
  • A modular system that can be optimized for program needs, scaling from small, soldier carry solutions to deployments requiring six radio networks
  • Supports major radio types and 3rd party voice systems including a large list of tactical/DoD radios and voice solutions. Meets a vast array of C2 use cases
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PacStar Modular Radio Center (MRC)

PacStar Modular Radio Center (MRC) with power
Download Data Sheet
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