Video & Displays

Video & Displays
Video & Displays

Trusted, Proven Video Technology, From Rugged Video Capture to Daylight-Readable LCD Displays

Reduce your risk, time to market, and program cost with rugged video solutions ready for the harshest environments. Size, weight, and power (SWaP)-optimized and rigorously qualified, our video solutions simplify integration and maximize performance. Choose from a broad selection of field-proven mission displays, video distribution and management systems, and video recorders that enable enhanced situational awareness and streamline image and data capture, management, display, recording, and playback for platforms around the globe. 

HD LCD displays available in a variety of sizes, readable in all light conditions, and equipped with the I/O and connectivity required to interface with other equipment.
Video Distribution & Management
Video management building blocks, including analog and digital video switches, a video gateway that minimizes system latency for multi-sensor I/O applications, and other distribution solutions that reduce redundant equipment and operator overhead.
Video Recording
A SWaP-optimized video recorder designed for capturing video in demanding environments (including HD video from the leading EO sensor systems) and delivering industry-leading, broadcast-quality H.264 recording onto CompactFlash cards.

Minimizing Glass-to-Glass Latency and Enhancing Situational Awareness

The critical delays caused by video latency can mean warfighters inside the vehicle are unaware of an approaching enemy, man-made or natural obstacles, or warfighters or civilians outside the vehicle until it’s too late. The key to increasing situational awareness for today's ground combat vehicles is in designing a video management system that reduces latency from end to end. From the cameras to the ruggedized displays – each component in the video management system needs to be designed with low latency in mind.