Webinar: Thermal Management Approaches for High Performance Aerospace & Defense Embedded Electronics


Webinar: Thermal Management Approaches for High Performance Aerospace & Defense Embedded Electronics

April 19, 2024

Rugged, military and avionic applications require the mantra of size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) and this requires thermal management. The most demanding computing applications like artificial intelligence and machine learning push the performance envelope and require optimized thermal design. Cooling electronic systems and the high performance CPUs, FPGAs and GPUs deployed in harsh military environments is met with a range of thermal management techniques.

In this webinar, Bill Wong, Senior Content Director at Electronic Design, and Ivan Straznicky, CTO Advanced Packaging for Curtiss-Wright, discuss the cooling options available to system designers, thermal management technicques,  and thermal management standards. 

White Paper: Thermal Management in Rugged Computer Systems

As rugged computer systems designed for military programs grow more powerful and more complex, keeping these systems cool under the harshest of conditions becomes more challenging. When computer components get too hot, they do not perform to their designed specifications which can cause problems in a mission-critical environment.

To keep these systems running smoothly and performing as designed, suppliers have a variety of techniques they can use, including conduction, convectionAir-Flow-Through (AFT), Liquid-Flow-Through (LFT), and Fluid-Flow-Through (FFT). This white paper looks at the different cooling techniques available and aims to provide clarity on how to choose the best solution.

Related Technologies

Liquid-Flow-Through Cooling

LFT cooling uses a liquid-cooled system to cool cards from 200-1000W.

Air-Flow-Through (AFT) Cooling

Ideal for high density, high power computing applications where conductive or convective cooling methods are less viable.

Conduction Cooling

Ideal for lower-density (50W) computing applications that require ruggedization.

Convection Cooling

This cooling method uses ambient air airflow to transfer heat from electronics.

Fluid-Flow-Through Cooling

FFT cooling uses fixed channels (air-cooled or liquid-cooled) built into the chassis to cool the electronics.