Curtiss-Wright Announces New Capabilities and Enhancements of the Tactical Data Links Software for Link 16, MIDS-JTRS, and Link 22

Curtiss-Wright Announces New Capabilities and Enhancements of the Tactical Data Links Software for Link 16, MIDS-JTRS, and Link 22

MODERN DAY MARINE 2023, Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Booth #1349) – WASHINGTON D.C. – June 27, 2023 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division has announced the latest enhancements to its TCG Tactical Data Link Core Software for Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, and VMF. The TCG Core Software is the foundation for all Curtiss-Wright TCG Tactical Data Link (TDL) verification, training, and simulation solutions, including the TCG Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) TDL testing and platform integration solution, the TCG Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS), the TCG LinkPRO Tactical Data Link Processing Software, the HUNTR Multi-Link TDL Gateway, and the Radio/Terminal Housing Cases (THC). Curtiss-Wright, uniquely in the industry, invests its own IR&D resources to ensure that TCG TDL Software provides the most up-to-date implementation of supported tactical data link standards available. 

Curtiss-Wright regularly updates both TCG Software and Hardware to support all of the latest changes to the Link 16 standard, as well as proposed changes. The new enhancements to TCG Core Software (v2023-01) includes implementation of MIL-STD-6016G, an increase in the number of WAN connections supported by the GTS from 10 to 32, expanded J3.6 ballistic missile defense support, and the option to use the MIDS-JTRS radio HTTP and FTP Server interfaces for configuration and monitoring. 

TCG Software v2023-01 Update Summary:

Implementation of MIL-STD-6016G Interface Change Proposals (ICP)
Maintaining its investment in leading edge technology, Curtiss-Wright is committed to keeping TCG Software and Hardware up-to-date with the latest MIL-STDs and interim changes. The latest version of the TCG Core Software now includes five proposed MIL-STD-6016G Interface Change Proposals (ICP) that have been approved for inclusion in MIL-STD-6016H. These ICPs are available as add-on functionality to the MIL-STD-6016G configuration.

Support for Ballistic Missile Defense
In another example of its continued investment in leading-edge technology, Curtiss-Wright has implemented the latest ballistic missile defense updates to Link 16, including the transactional rules defined for the J3.6 Space Track message. These transactional rules underwent significant modification and clarification in MIL-STD-6016G. Curtiss-Wright’s BOSS and GTS implementations now support all the most important ballistic missile defense updates, including family tracks, significant objects, lethal objects, launch events, engaged tracks, data update requests, NPG requirements, BMD association, lost tracks, reporting responsibility and track management. 

3x Increase in GTS WAN Connections
Adding value to its Link 16 products by expanding the capabilities of the GTS, Curtiss-Wright has increased the number of WAN connections that can be supported from 10 to 32, making GTS stations better able to support larger territories with extensive TDL coverage. With its >3x support for country-wide GTS stations, Curtiss-Wright is better able to serve militaries that want to increase the number of their locally clustered GTS stations or desire coverage for much larger areas. 

Support for MIDS-JTRS Terminal Web browser and FTP Server 
With its latest version of TCG Core Software, Curtiss-Wright also enhanced the ease-of-use experience for its BOSS, LinkPRO, GTS, and standalone MRCU products. Now, in addition to the familiar BOSS and GTS user interface, a new server update enables users to use the web and FTP interfaces provided in MIDS-JTRS terminals. The web interface to the MIDS-JTRS terminal provides additional initialization and configuration of the terminal. Also, users can now use the MIDS-JTRS FTP Server to upload configuration files to the terminal. 

Link 22 Support Recently Added
Also of note, at the end of 2022, Curtiss-Wright added initial support for Link 22 to its TCG TDL product family. The Link 22 capability seamlessly integrates with Curtis-Wright TCG TDL systems, including BOSS, GTS, and LinkPRO, enabling simultaneous Link 22, Link 16, Link 11, VMF, SADL and JREAP operations, to deliver greater interoperability and capability to the U.S. military and coalition partners.  Link 22 is a NATO secure digital radio system that provides beyond-line-of-sight communications in the HF and UHF bands. 

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