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The MPIM-2000-2 is a plug-in module that can be used with Curtiss-Wright’s MEDAU/MCDAU-2000 products to enable a “split stack” configuration. The split stack configuration physically splits the power supply module (the MPSM-2000) from the remainder of the overhead and I/O modules. This reduces the overall length of the system and is useful in applications where installation room is at a premium.


  • Miniature power interface module
  • Separate the power supply module from overhead and I/O modules
  • Single cable connection to the MPSM-2000 power supply’s “J2” connector
  • Supports a “star configuration” where two (2) MPIM-2000-2 modules are hooked up to a single MPSM-2000 power supply
  • Optional interconnect cable available


  • Limited installation room
  • Improved accessibility
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Download Data Sheet