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The MPSM-2002-1 is the main power supply for the MEDAU/MCDAU/MWDAU–2000 products. It takes the aircraft's raw +28VDC power, filters it, and converts it to the various voltages required for system operation. It can provide up to 230 Watts of power. There is also an “inhibit” function that can be used to “stand down” the unit without removing the +28VDC power. Additionally, there is an external battery input that provides a “keep-alive” function for certain internal circuits such as time code.


  • Main system power supply
  • Up to 230 Watts power output
  • Inhibit function
    • “Stands down” power supply
  • Battery backup


  • MEDAU/MCDAU/MWDAU system power
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Download Data Sheet