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QrNexus ADSR Demonstration Video

QrNexus ADSR Demonstration from ITC 2021

The QrNexus range of flight test and monitoring recorders is feature-rich and flexible. See this video to learn more about QrNexus.

Exportable Encryption Module

2021 AI Technology Workshop: Exportable Encryption Module

This workshop explores the exportable miniature encryption support package (MESP) that provides AES-256 encryption and decryption capability that is customized for telemetry applications, as well as general test applications.

COTS Products for Space Applications

2021 AI Technology Workshop: COTS Products for Space Applications

An overview of Aerospace Instrumentation Space COTS products and their use in the development and operational flight for Space programs and instrumentation applications.

Fortress Recorder product overview video

Fortress Recorder Product Overview

Fortress is a combined voice and flight data recorder with data link and image recording capability.

PGS Replay Software product overview video

PGS Replay Software Product Overview

This short video shows an overview of the replay software which is compatible with Curtiss-Wright crash-survivable recorders, which include our MPFR and Fortress range of crash recorders.