KAM/CSB/12U Smart Backplane Chassis

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The Smart Backplane chassis (KAM/CSB/12U) is a rugged 12-user slot chassis that has been designed specifically with space-related data acquisition, data processing, and recording in mind. Its smart radiation-hardened backplane design allows the use of 100+ plug-in COTS modules in a radiation-intensive environment without the need for those modules to have any in-built radiation protection. In the event of a Single Event Latch-Ups (SEL) on a module, the backplane detects this phenomenon and resets the operation of the module. This operation ensures that the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation (module electronic circuit malfunction) are eliminated.


  • Backplane designed using Rad-hard components allowing re-use of COTS plug-in modules, minimizing cost
  • Detects Single Event Latch-Up (SEL) and corrects for normal operation, ensuring reliability
  •  Minimizes power consumption through different mission stages


  • Mission-critical data handling subsystems for

    • Launch vehicles

    • Re-entry vehicles

    • Low earth orbit satellites

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KAM/CSB/12U Smart Backplane Chassis

Download Data Sheet