TTC MnPCM-2000

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The miniature PCM to network gateway (MnPCM-2000) provides a gateway between any generic PCM system and a network-based system. It provides a minor/major frame correlator, timestamps minor frames based on IEEE 1588 time, and packetizes data frames for transmission to the network. The unit also provides an RS-232/422 serial interface pass-through for setting up and configuring the PCM system. The unit supports fast Ethernet (100BASE-T) that is fully compatible with IEEE 1588 to accept the grandmaster clock from the network.



  • Gateway between a PCM-based system and a networked data acquisition system
  • Provides network capability to
    • Configure the PCM system
    • Collect data from the PCM system
    • Timestamp the incoming PCM stream
  • Acquires PCM clock and data from the PCM system
  • Acquires time from the network in accordance with IEEE 1588
  • Incorporates an RS-232/422 serial interface as a pass-through for setting up and configuring the PCM via the network 
  • Packetizes acquired data from the PCM and transports it over the network
  • Built-in programmable frame correlator
  • Supports simultaneous sampling capability
  • SNMP MIB for statistics monitoring
  • Environmentally sealed package
  • Small installation footprint


  • Network-based data acquisition system
  • Legacy PCM system to Network Data Acquisition System Gateway
  • Airborne instrumentation system
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