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The SAM/DEC/008 decommutates IRIG-106 Ch.4 PCM streams and provides a high-speed programming link for Acra KAM-500 systems. The unit uses a single USB 2.0 connection in the ground station/programming PC.

The PCM decommutator accepts either differential-ended RS-422 inputs or single-ended TTL inputs. With BIØ-L codes only a single input is used. For NRZ-L an additional data clock (DCLK) line is required. Any sync word up to 34 bits can be used to identify the start of a minor frame (including mask and alternating patterns). The word length (4 to 16 bits), orientation (MSB first/last), parity (odd/even/none) and store/don't store options are programmable on a word-by-word basis up to 16,349 words. The SAM/DEC/008 can be configured with GS Works 8 or with custom APIs similar to those used with the SAM/DEC/007.

The programming link can be used to program multiple Acra KAM-500s. A bi-directional, differential-ended (RS-422) pair of data lines (X-PROG) is used to transmit or receive data at 1 Mbps.


  • IRIG-106 Ch. 4 compliant PCM decommutator
  • USB 2.0 Type II compatible, no additional power source required
  • 1 Mbps programming link to Acra KAM-500 systems over X-PROG
  • Choice of three PCM codes BIØ-L, NRZ-L or RNRZ-L-15
  • Choice of RS-422 or TTL inputs
  • Accepts PCM streams up to 20 Mbps (8 Mbps BIØ-L)
  • 80 to 65,536 bits (including parity bits) per minor frame


  • PCM decoding
  • Programming legacy systems based on X-PROG
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