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The KAD/BCU/140 is a full-duplex, Ethernet, Acra KAM-500 backplane controller packet programmer and an IPv4 data packets transmitter (via a 100BaseTX link interface).

The Acra KAM-500 backplane controller supports chassis programming via Ethernet using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). Synchronization with an external PTPv1 Grandmaster is achieved using IEEE Std.1588-2004 (PTPv1) or IEEE Std. 1588-2008 (PTPv2).

Upon receipt of a programming packet, the module immediately exits acquisition mode and switches to program/verify mode.

In acquisition mode, some or all acquired data is transferred from the backplane to the onboard CVT. Onboard, it is packetized into either an IENA or an iNET-X application layer packet. Assembled packets are transmitted simultaneously on both Ethernet outputs. For asynchronous bus data, the KAD/BCU/140 supports aperiodic transmission for efficient bandwidth use, whereby a packet is not generated if no fresh data has been acquired from a packetizer user module.


  • Bi-directional, full-duplex Ethernet connection with auto-sensing
  • Mirrored Ethernet output supporting redundant IENA and iNET-X transmission
  • IENA and iNET-X compatible packetization structures
  • Supports aperiodic transmission
  • Synchronization with a network time source using PTPv1 or PTPv2 or acts as PTPv1 Grandmaster
  • Programming and verification of Acra KAM-500 chassis using TFTP


  • Ethernet based data acquisition systems
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