Sensor Management Computer

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Curtiss-Wright ground station electronics inherits its legacy from our sensor management products. Both ground station electronics and our sensor management family share the same technology building blocks and operate together to provide communication between unmanned aerial vehicles and ground stations.

The Sensor Management Computer (SMC) is part of a network-centric product family. The SMC provides the data interface between ground satellite and Mission Control Element (MCE) computer infrastructure. The SMC's modular design consists of a single/dual VPX-based Power Architecture processing, high speed interface suite (Fibre Channel, Gb Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, SATA, Serial RapidIO) and support for legacy interfaces such as parallel ECL interface, RS-422 and RS-232. The rugged GSMU-2 system is designed to support internal SATA storage media in a 6U VPX form factor for future applications.

Please contact us for a system designed to your project needs.

Key Features

  • Chassis system (6U 3-slot VPX-based conduction-cooled solution)
  • High-performance 6U single board computers (SBCs) with GbE
  • 3-port Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 Interface
  • 2-port 1Gbps Fibre Channel Interface
  • External SATA interface
  • Internal 64GB solid state SATA storage
  • High-speed serial interface (up to 16Mbps in HDLC/sync mode)
  • ECL Interface
  • Wind River VxWorks 6.x BSP
  • 28VDC MIL-STD-704E Power Input
  • Power Consumption: ~ 100W full configuration; 60W typical
  • Weight: < 25 lbs full configuration; < 20 lbs typical
  • MTBF: Over 50,000h


  • Network Centric Warfare (NCW)
  • Electronic Warfare/Electronic Surveillance/Electronic Support Measures
  • UAV Sensor Management
  • UAS Ground Control Computer
  • Payload Management Computer
  • Weapons Control
  • Mission Computer
  • Ground Station Electronics
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Sensor Management Computer

Download Data Sheet