Vetronics Systems

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Vetronics Systems
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

Curtiss-Wright provides rugged integrated vehicle electronics (vetronics) systems that match the needs of client-specific vehicle platform requirements. 

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Vetronics Systems

Please consider the MPMC-933x Rugged 3U 3-slot Ground Vehicle Computer as a COTS rugged vetronics solution for your next ground vehicle application.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions provides rugged integrated vehicle electronics (vetronics) systems that match the needs of client-specific vehicle platform requirements. Our large variety of sturdy deployed chassis and our electronic systems development expertise enables us to provide vetronics solutions with reduced size, weight and power (SWaP).

Curtiss-Wright vetronics systems fully integrate multiple LRUs and functions for communication and control/coordinate functions such as computer resources, data control/distribution, crew controls/displays and power generation/management.

The vetronics products are at the hub vehicle platforms, serving as the digital brains. The Hull Electronics Unit is a computer and managed Ethernet Switch designed to control the electrical systems of ground combat and amphibious vehicles. This fully redundant vetronics computer provides the hardware and software interfaces necessary to operate the vehicle's mobility system including propulsion, steering, and self-protection, and inter-vehicle communication. The vetronics subsystem accomplishes this task by packaging a Single Board Computer with CanBus and Utility Bus Mezzanine Cards, a redundant smart power supply, a 20 port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, and VME Backplane in a half ATR conduction cooled Chassis.


System Integration, Engineering, Test Planning & Verification Services

When you have a system integration challenge, reach out to our system design team as early in your program cycle as possible and let a Curtiss-Wright system architect put their system integration expertise to work for you. Our unmatched breadth of system integration capabilities helps to eliminate your design risk to ensure the success of your program’s system development, integration, and deployment.

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