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The PCM-102R is a 2-channel, PCM card for use in Curtiss-Wright’s EDAU/CDAU/WDAU/nDAU systems. The card has two independent PCM channel inputs. Each channel accepts RS-422 differential inputs at rates up to 20Mbps on a per-channel basis. Both channels are also selectable to allow input on separate single-ended TTL input pins (5 Mbps maximum). The two PCM data/clock interfaces are accessible at the PCM-102R faceplate via two 25-Pin DSUB connectors. The total system bandwidth of all the input modules in a system should not exceed the maximum EDAU/CDAU/WDAU/nDAU systems bandwidth. The PCM-102R can be configured in FIFO Throughput mode, FIFO Buffered Mode, CVT mode, Coherent Synchronous Mode, or Coherent Asynchronous Mode.

Key Features

  • For use in Curtiss-Wright’s EDAU/CDAU/WDAU/nDAU systems
  • Two independent PCM input channels
  • Channels supports RS-422 differential or single-ended TTL inputs
  • Built-in programmable frame correlator for each input channel
  • Operates up to 20Mbps per channel (RS-422 Differential inputs)
  • Frame lock output signals per channel
  • Multiple PCM-102R cards can be placed in a single chassis
  • Configurable using Curtiss-Wright’s programmable software application
  • Five modes of operation
    • FIFO Throughput mode
    • FIFO Buffered mode
    • Current Value Table (CVT) mode
    • Coherent Asynchronous mode
    • Coherent Synchronous mode


  • Data acquisition systems
  • Flight test data recording
  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Lab test
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