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The RCI-204 card can be used to add multiple CAIS Bus Expansion Ports to Curtiss-Wright's AIC-200X Airborne Instrumentation Controller. These ports can be used to configure a distributed data acquisition system in which the AIC-200X operates as a CAIS Master Controller over each CAIS Bus port. Various CAIS Remote units can reside on each CAIS Bus port, including DAUs, recorders, cockpit displays, etc. Each card provides an additional 4 CAIS Bus ports and multiple cards can be used within a single AIC-200X chassis.

Key Features

  •  Plug-in CAIS Bus expansion card for the AIC-200X
  • Provides four (4) independent CAIS Bus expansion ports
  • Multiple RCI-204 cards can be placed within a single chassis
  • Each port can be enabled/disabled on a format basis under program control
  • Each port can support up to sixty (60) remote CAIS Bus DAUs
  • 5 Mbps maximum data rate on each port
  • Operation at 10, 12, 14, or 16 bpw


  • Distributed data acquisition systems
  • Single-point system programming
  • Recorder status/control interface
  • Cockpit display interface
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Download Data Sheet