TTC MnENT-2000-1 Miniature Ethernet Acquisition and Encoding

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The MnENT-2000-1 is a miniature networked encoding unit. Inbound Ethernet packets are timestamped and filtered at the MAC level based on MAC address or at the UDP or TCP level based on destination and source IP address and port number. Once filtered, packets are encoded using the NPD protocol then processed and delivered to designated network nodes. The MnENT-2000-1 has five stacked modules: an inbound Ethernet I/O, timestamp and filter module, a secondary processor, a processor module that performs NPD encoding, an Ethernet egress module, and a 15 W power supply module.


  • Network-based Ethernet data acquisition, filtering, and encoding unit
  • Terminates twisted pair 10/100BASE-T Ethernet to one-channel Ethernet I/O module
  • Timestamps and filters Ethernet packets
  • Filtering available on MAC or IP(v4) layers
    • MAC layer filtering on source and destination MAC addresses
    • IP layer filtering on UDP or TCP by two of the following four: IP source address, IP destination address, UDP or TCP source port and UDP or TCP destination port
    • Filters can catch-all, include, or exclude traffic
  • Includes Fast Ethernet 10/100BASE-T port for:
    • Acquisition setup and configuration
    • SNMP status and control
    • IEEE 1588-compliant time synchronization
  • SNMP MIB support for statistics monitoring
  • Environmentally-sealed casing
  • Miniature installed footprint



  • Flight and ground-based test instrumentation
  • Avionics data acquisition
  • Vehicle test, certification, and development
  • Ethernet-based network distributed systems
  • System safety monitoring
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TTC MnENT-2000-1 Miniature Ethernet Acquisition and Encoding

Download Data Sheet