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The NET/REC/002 is a stand-alone Ethernet network recorder. Incoming Ethernet frames are written to a SATA cartridge using a FAT32 file system. The NET/REC/002 can be configured via the Ethernet port. The START/STOP switch enables the initiating and terminating of recording, while the EVENT button enables the marking of key events during the recording process.

During recording, the alphanumeric display indicates the memory and recording status of the device including time, status, event counter, and estimated SATA cartridge remaining capacity. Ethernet frames are written directly to files. The recorded files are formatted according to the PCAP file format so that they are viewable with popular network analysis tools such as Wireshark. Recorded data can be read directly from the SATA cartridge.


  • Stand-alone IP network recorder that stores and logs incoming Ethernet packets
  • Supports SATA cartridges
  • 85 Mbps logging rate
  • Uses FAT32 file system
  • Stores Ethernet frames in industry-standard Packet CAPture (PCAP) files, viewable using Wireshark or another third party application
  • Front-mounted START/STOP locked position switch to control recording
  • Supports unicast, multicast, and broadcast IP packets
  • EVENT button to mark specific events during recording
  • Front door housing for removable SATA cartridge
  • 100BASE-TX Ethernet port
  • Front panel status LEDs
  • 2 x 16-character alphanumeric display
  • I/O connector for remote START/STOP, EVENT controls, and digital IRIG-B time in
  • Operating range of -40 to +85°C


  • Ethernet-based data recording
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