Technical Support Requests for Tewksbury, MA

Technical Support Requests for Curtiss-Wright Tewksbury, MA
Technical Support Requests for Tewksbury, MA

High Touch, Customized Approach & the TDL Expertise You Need

To help our customers create advanced, interoperable, standards-compliant TDL-based military communications systems, we have built a world-class service and support organization. This organization uses the latest technology to keep our team members in touch with our global customers, allowing our customers to leverage our TDL talents and expertise and making our support resources available wherever and whenever needed. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective support that is knowledgeable about your requirements and is highly responsive to solving your critical issues.

Additionally, we offer hands-on comprehensive training in the implementation of TCG products, both in the field and in the lab. Our support resources and trainers have extensive experience in datalink technology, supporting network architectures. Many of our trainers are JICO certified. We help customers optimize TDL systems for flight training, integration, testing, and real-world missions.

Training and support representatives are available to our worldwide customers, any time via e-mail ([email protected]) or from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time by phone at +1.978.654.4800.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
2 Highwood Drive, Building 2, Suite 200
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Phone: +1.978.654.4800
Fax: +1.978.654.4801
Email: [email protected]
For information on products, please visit:

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Customer Support

At Curtiss-Wright, customer support is our #1 priority. Rapid, effective response is critical when supporting the warfighter, and effective support can sometimes be the difference between mission success and failure. We take this responsibility very seriously and we always do our utmost to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction.


STEPS is the Secure Enterprise Portal Software.  This site can be used to expedite the secure electronic exchange of technical data and customer support information.  The site supports exchange of any file type up to a maximum size of 300 MB per file.  NOTE:  This site is NOT cleared for classified material or information.  Site access is controlled by user account and password.  To log into your STEPS account, click here.  To request an account and password fill out this form and return to us according to the instructions on the form.

Professional Services

We have a large staff with a rich history of experience in tactical data links (TDLs).  From system software engineers and architects to Joint Interoperability Control Officers (JICO), we have the capability to provide your organization with expertise in TDLs.  This expertise can range from exercise support, to special studies and analyses, to assistance with testing TDL implementation in weapon systems to ensure interoperability and compliance with military standards.  If you’re in need of these types of services, please contact us.


We provide a comprehensive training program for all TCG products.  Training is geared to each customer’s unique requirements to include experience level of individuals attending the training, how the customer is using TCG products, and customized training based on a specific customer request.

Annual training and updates are provided under our Product Support Gold maintenance plan.  This training allows new users to become proficient in the use of TCG products and also provides existing users with re-training and familiarization along with training on new product enhancements.  For more information on the status of your maintenance plan or how to get a maintenance plan, please contact us.