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FusionXF is the FPGA toolset for the Curtiss-Wright AMD Virtex 7/Kintex 7 family of user-programmable FPGA products. FusionXF simplifies the development of FPGA-based application code by allowing the developer to concentrate on their application without needing to worry about system integration of the hardware and operating system interface. 

The FusionXF toolkit provides, for example, the user-developed HDL with hooks to DMA-driven interfaces in the FPGA that map onto software, interrupt-driven CPU interfaces in a plug-and-play format. Alternatively, FusionXF components allow for direct FPGA-to-FPGA datalinks. Fusion includes both software (SDK) and HDL (HDK) components. The SDK is abstracted from hardware and provides a common interface across the family of products. The HDK is specific to each hardware platform.

This toolset solves many challenges faced by developers as they integrate FPGAs in embedded real-time DSP system designs. Its powerful, optimized software enables developers to stay on schedule and within budget as they move data efficiently between CPU nodes and FPGA nodes, integrating it into their overall system design.

Consisting of a collection of software and associated HDL functions, FusionXF provides developers a valuable assist in developing FPGA algorithms and logic for Curtiss-Wright customer-programmable FPGA products. It is specially designed to reduce design time and to achieve optimal performance of complex embedded real-time DSP systems that consist of multiple FPGA and/and Power Architecture processors. 

The toolkit also supports Curtiss-Wright FPGA-based products, such as an FPGA XMC module, on x86-based host platforms. FusionXF provides efficient data streaming between a processor and FPGAs, internally in an FPGA or between distributed FPGAs in a fabric. The FusionXF toolset includes an HDL Development Kit (HDK), which contains HDL functions, and a Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes drivers, application software libraries and utilities. The kit aids developers with extensive documentation and helpful HDL and software examples.

Key Features

  • Extensive HDL functions optimized for high-performance FPGA processing and streaming data applications
  • Sophisticated, yet easy to use software APIs
  • Full source code provided for software, VHDL libraries and examples
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