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The RJC-208 is an 8-channel reference junction compensator used with Curtiss-Wright’s TCD-116 and TCD-216 families of thermocouple cards. It is the mating connector to the thermocouple inputs and connects directly to the thermocouple cards. The RJC-208 assembly provides the physical interface point between thermocouple materials and copper wire and also supports the electronic cold junction compensation feature of Curtiss-Wright’s thermocouple conditioning products. The RJC-208 is compatible with ANSI thermocouple types J, K, E, T, C or S. Thermocouple types C and S are only with the TCD-216B.


  • 8-channel reference junction compensator
  • Compatible with Curtiss-Wright’s TCD-116 and TCD -216 families of thermocouple cards
  • Supports electronic cold junction compensation
  • Works with all thermocouple types supported by the specific card/module to which it is interfaced
  • Connects directly to the thermocouple cards


  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Factory automation and process control
  • Engine testing
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