TTC CDAU Other Modules

TTC CDAU/nDAU Other Modules
TTC CDAU/nDAU Other Modules
TTC CDAU Other Modules

Other cards and accessories for Curtiss-Wright full-size encoder DAU systems

The following modules and accessories are available for the CDAU/nDAU data acquisition and encoding units from Curtiss-Wright.

Other Cards for TTC Full-Size PCM Encoder DAU Systems

Product Image Product Name Type Data Sheet
BLS-148 Bi-Level Multiplexer Card
BLS-148H Bi-Level Multiplexer Card
CVS-101/2/4 Voice Conditioner Board
FPD-104B-3 Frequency/Period Conditioner Card
GPS-101B GPS/IRIG Position/Time Code Reader
RJC-108 Reference Junction Compensator
RJC-208 Reference Junction Compensator

Aerospace Instrumentation Brochure

Modern aerospace instrumentation systems can be highly complex, and it can be difficult to know how to meet program needs. It’s not unusual for requirements to change during a campaign and cause significant delays, and data must be captured reliably no matter what – otherwise expensive additional flights will be needed or months of program data could be lost. Read our brochure to learn how you can reduce your risk with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. 

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