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The MFED-208A-1 is a frequency, event, discrete input module designed for use in Curtiss-Wright’s miniature series of programmable data acquisition units (MPDAU-2000). The MFED-208A-1 provides concurrent frequency and period measurements of a given analog or digital input signal. These measurements are provided in the PCM format with multiple formats including IEEE-754 half and single precision data. The MFED-208A-1 also provides a totalizer function that counts positive zero crossings and can be reset via dedicated hardware pins (external reset) or by reading the channel in the PCM format (reset on read). In addition, discrete bi-level digital event inputs are provided with the option to time tag any event input using system time from the host stack or via an internal counter if system time is not available.

Additional Features

  • Up to four time-tagged events available for any combination of channels
  • Options for both floating-point (IEEE 754) and fixed-point data output formats
  • Totalizer back-up available through power loss/ brownouts
  • Compatible with Curtiss-Wright’s miniature data acquisition products
  • Programmed with TTCWare


  • Three simultaneous Frequency/Period/Totalizer measurements available
  • Measure any combination of four inputs from:
    • 2 Analog channels
    • 2 Differential (RS-422)/TTL digital inputs
    • 8 Bi-level analog inputs
    • Simultaneous frequency and period measurements with up to 32-bit resolution
    • Worst case error 17 PPM of input signal frequency
    • Totalizer function with up to 40 bits resolution


  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Factory automation and process control
  • Research measurements and experiments
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