MnACQ Other Modules

flight test and monitoring family header
flight test and monitoring family header
MnACQ Other Modules

Rounds out solutions with more specialized modules

These are the MnACQ modules that don't fit neatly into larger categories that add various functionality to your flight test instrumentation or other avionics application such as video encoding, storage, and GPS input.

Product Image Product Name Type Data Sheet
TTC MNSW-503-2 DAU Module
TTC MNSW-503-1 Switch Module
TTC MNSW-503-3 Switch Module
MVID-541M Video Acquisition
MVID-541S H.264 Video Acquisition
MAUD-104M Audio Acquisition
MGPS-101B GPS/IRIG Position/Time Code Reader and Generator
MGPS-101A GPS/IRIG Position/Time Code Reader and Generator
MAUD-102N2 Audio Acquisition
MBIT-100 Built in Test and Transmitter Programming
MBLS-132-1 32-Channel Bi-Level Multiplexer
MCFM-110 Compact Flash Memory Interface
MCVS-102V 2-Channel CVSD Voice Conditioner
MFDR-101A Adaptable Miniature Filter Driver
MFED-208A Frequency/Event/Discrete Conditioner
MFPD-102B Frequency/Period/Accumulator Conditioner
MIRG-120B-1 IRIG Time Reader/Generator
MIRG-220B IRIG Time Code Reader / Generator
MIRG-220M IRIG Time Reader/Generator
MIRG-221B IRIG Time Code Reader and Generator
MPSS-101D-1 PSI HD conventional and DTC pressure scanner interface
MVID-201M-1 MPEG-2 Video/Audio Acquisition
MVID-301D H.264 High Definition Video/Audio Acquisition
MVID-301S H.264 3G/HD-SDI Video/Audio Acquisition
MVID-401M-1 MPEG-4 Video/Audio Acquisition
MSBD-102-1 Serial Burst Data and PCM Data Delay
MSDD-101-1 Serial Data Delay

Aerospace Instrumentation Brochure

Modern aerospace instrumentation systems can be highly complex, and it can be difficult to know how to meet program needs. It’s not unusual for requirements to change during a campaign and cause significant delays, and data must be captured reliably no matter what – otherwise expensive additional flights will be needed or months of program data could be lost. Read our brochure to learn how you can reduce your risk with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. 

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Reliable and flexible data capture is key to fight test and monitoring

Modern aerospace instrumentation systems can be highly complex, with changing requirements that can cause significant delays. Reliably capturing data is essential to avoid expensive additional flights or the loss of months of program data. Curtiss-Wright provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge COTS and customizable systems that have been engineered to meet these challenges. When you use our systems, you automatically get an expert partner with decades of experience that can extend your system architect/design team to deliver a future-proof total system solution.