TTC MNSW-503-1

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The MNSW-503-1 is a three-port 100BASE-T Ethernet full-duplex switch module for use in the Curtiss-Wright miniature networked product line. It provides upstream and downstream Ethernet chaining to any MnDAU stack in which it is installed. The singleheight stackable module provides packet switching and IEEE 1588 time distribution to support networked data acquisition components and systems.

The MNSW-503-1 minimizes the use of ports on more expensive switches by allowing more than one miniature stack to share one downstream port on a larger switch. It functions as an unmanaged switch, is preconfigured with all necessary routing information and does not require a MAC or IP address.

The MNSW-503-1 has a switching capacity of up to 1.07 million packets per second and supports an unlimited number of multicast addresses.

The number of data acquisition units that can be daisy-chained together using MNSW-503-1 is dependent upon the total bandwidth produced by each connected miniature stack up to a maximum of 16. Each MNSW-503-1 adds a maximum of 40 nanoseconds of uncertainty to precision Time Protocol (PTP) time as the timestamp data is switched.

Symmetrical flow control on all ports is implemented using pause frames and guarantees that no packets are dropped due to contention.


  • Three-port Ethernet network switch module for Curtiss-Wright miniature networked data acquisition products
  • Each port supports a 100BASE-T full-duplex Ethernet interface
  • Supports IEEE 1588 for distribution of timing information across network components
  • Provides upstream and downstream Ethernet chaining for multiple data acquisition units when added to any miniature networked product from Curtiss-Wright
  • Pause frames provide symmetrical flow control; allows maximum use of bandwidth and minimizes port contention
  • Functions as an unmanaged switch that requires no configuration or initialization; all routing information is preconfigured within the module
  • Consumes 1.52 W from the host stack
  • Compatible with Curtiss-Wright network acquisition and recording systems


  • Networked data acquisition
  • IEEE 1588 time distribution over networks
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