Trusted Computing for Defense & Aerospace Article eBook

July 13, 2020

Trusted Computing for Defense & Aerospace Article eBook

This collection of articles, originally published by Military & Aerospace Electronics, covers a variety of Trusted Computing topics with a specific focus on the defense and aerospace industries. Read about:

  • The different Trusted Computing and cyber security approaches for embedded computing and enterprise systems
  • Trends in Trusted Computing and network security in aerospace and defense embedded computing applications
  • Optimizing cyber security and Trusted Computing on today’s connected military and commercial aircraft
  • Cyber security for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned systems
  • Decomposing system security requirements
  • The impact of protecting I/O interfaces on system performance
  • FPGA-enabled trusted boot
  • The challenges of cryptographic algorithms in quantum computing
  • Establishing a trusted supply chain
  • Certification authorities for global Trusted Computing standards

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Trusted Computing for Defense & Aerospace

Curtiss-Wright goes well beyond standard approaches to Trusted Computing to provide truly secure solutions for air, ground, and sea platforms. We keep cybersecurity and physical protection in mind, from design and testing to supply chain and manufacturing. This comprehensive, end-to-end approach creates an effective mesh of protection layers that integrate to ensure reliability of Curtiss-Wright products in the face of attempted compromise.


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