Flight Test Program Management

Flight Test Program Management
Flight Test Program Management

Flight Test Program management is typically proposed when a complex system is being ordered, or if an order contains items for which significant development effort is required. Other situations requiring Flight Test Program Management include when a contract demands above normal qualification testing, when specific deliverable documentation is required, or if the customer requires regular status reports.

Curtiss-Wright has a rigorous project management methodology in place, called ‘Project Path,' to ensure that every project is delivered on time and within budget. The Project Path system is a proven milestone-driven methodology in aerospace applications. It features an embedded quality process to ensure that projects are managed successfully at every stage. An overview of the Project Path stages and their outputs is shown below.

Requirements Definition & Analysis

  • User Requirement Definition
  • Parameter Review
  • Environmental Qualification
  • Project Schedule
  • Key Milestone Definition

Output: Statement of Work

Architectural Design

  • Functional Specification
  • Equipment Availability Review
  • Obsolescence Analysis
  • High Level Design

Output: Preliminary Design Review

System Design

  • Cost Benefit Analysis / Sensor and Equipment Selection
  • Data Analysis Hardware and Software
  • Installation / Interconnect Design Review
  • Data Quality Analysis (link budget and network analysis)
  • Custom Development Identification

Output: Critical Design Review

Procurement, Development and Unit Test

  • Procurement of Equipment - Selection Process for Sub-suppliers
  • Management of Custom Developments
  • Delivery Management of Equipment
  • Environmental and Factory Testing

Output: Unit Test Reports

System Test

  • System Test Planning
  • Integration Testing
  • System Test Procedure
  • System Acceptance testing (bench)

Output: Acceptance Test Reports

Delivery, Training and Support

  • Packing and Delivery
  • World Class Training Syllabus
  • Remote and On-site Support Team
  • Documentation

Data Acquisition System Training & Services

Curtiss-Wright offers a variety of training courses that help develop the skills needed to configure Curtiss-Wright's flight test products. We strongly recommend training for those who are not familiar with our equipment. Training can be arranged for individuals and groups and can be offered at Curtiss-Wright’s facilities or on-site.

Program Management Capabilities

Dedicated Program Organization  
Dedicated Program Organization

This cross-functional group provides close management of all project activities and agile decision making.

Program Control, Cost, And Schedule  
Program Control, Cost, And Schedule

The Integrated Master Plan includes the events, accomplishments, and criteria needed to complete the tasks in the Work Breakdown, the RFP, and the SOW.

Integral Risk Management  
Integral Risk Management

Proactive risk management provides insights into the program development process and all associated risks, including technical, schedule, and cost risks.

Data Items  
Data Items

We have the expert knowledge to generate all of the data items required for large defense and aerospace programs.

Earned Value Management System  
Earned Value Management System

The EVMS system uses the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) as its foundation.

Contract Mandated Reporting  
Contract Mandated Reporting

The Program Managers employ industry-standard management and reporting processes that cover the requirements of a broad segment of its customers.