Industry Experts at ITC 2018

missile launch space
missile launch space
November 07, 2018

Industry Experts at ITC 2018

In its 54th year, International Telemetering Conference (ITC) focus is on providing premier education opportunities through short courses and technical sessions - many exclusive to this event. Our team of experts showcase our now expanded line of Aerospace Instrumentation products:

Paul Cook, Russell Moore, and Patrick Quinn lend their telemetry expertise at ITC on topics including:

  • Range Systems and Mobile Ground Systems
  • Sensors and Data Acquisition
  • Image and Video

Data Acquisition Solutions for Aerospace Platforms

Integrated Data Acquisition Solutions for Aerospace Platforms with Highly Restrictive Space and Weight Requirements and Harsh Environmental Conditions

Non-Traditional Implementation of a Traditional Safety System

Unmanned military systems, such as UAVs, missiles, and targets, are typically fitted with a flight termination system. This paper explores Flight termination receivers, safety of flight, missiles, launchers and targets. 

The Need for Speed

Using Photogrammetric Analysis with High-Speed Cameras in Flight Testing

Flight Test & Monitoring

Your one stop for aerospace flight test and monitoring instrumentation.