Selecting the Right System Integration Partner

System Integration COTS Defense

There’s an art to selecting the right COTS system integration partner. When system integrators partner with the right solution vendor, they gain access to the capabilities, skills, and knowledge that comes from decades of experience. This helps customers overcome the time, cost, and technical challenges that have been steadily increasing in recent years, reducing risks, and getting the system integrator’s solution out to the warfighter.

System integrators are very good at designing and building demonstration units, but the significant time and money challenges they encounter when trying to get demonstration units to the level that will lead to selection can put enormous pressure on their operations and bottom line. The good news is that leading defense and aerospace COTS solution vendors understand their challenges and are ready to help by providing some of the key capabilities needed to deliver differentiated demonstration units.

Partnering with a trusted and proven COTS solution vendor effectively frees the system integrator from the time commitment and burdens required to complete every development stage of the demonstration on their own. That puts them in a better position to accelerate the project’s time to market, while keeping it on spec, on time, and on budget.