Curtiss-Wright Expands Flight Test Data Recorder Family with Enhanced Ethernet Recorder/Field Configurable DAU Chassis

Curtiss-Wright Expands Industry Leading Flight Test Data Recorder Family with Enhanced Ethernet Recorder/Field Configurable DAU Chassis
Compact SSR/CHS/001 ethernet multi-role recorder that supports up to four KAM-500 data acquisition modules adds PTP V2 grandmaster and slave support

EUROPEAN TEST AND TELEMETRY CONFERENCE (ettc2020) – June 23, 2020 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that its Aerospace Instrumentation (AI) group, a trusted leading supplier of flight test instrumentation (FTI) system solutions, has expanded its industry-leading data recorder product family with the addition of a newly enhanced compact chassis that combines field-configurable data acquisition modules and cost-effective CompactFlash® based data recording. The rugged SSR/CHS/001 Ethernet multi-role recorder supports up to four user-configurable KAM-500 data acquisition module slots and provides flight test engineers with the flexibility to leverage their existing library of KAM-500 plug-in modules to quickly and easily integrate a data acquisition system (DAS) solution with built-in recording capability.

The SSR/CHS/001 supports removable industrial-grade CompactFlash® cards (current capacities up to 128 GB) that can be read by standard commercial-off-the-shelf readers, eliminating the need for dedicated software or docks. The rugged chassis provides a size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimized solution for standalone data acquisition applications or for complementing a KAM-500 chassis for a lower bandwidth (up to 40 Mbps logging speed) FTI requirements, such as data logging and muxing. The SSR/CHS/001, which integrates Ethernet recording, audio encoding, and a GPS receiver, now also supports PTP v2 grandmaster and slave support, eliminating the need for a separate grandmaster subsystem. Weighing only 4.27 lb (1.9 kg) fully configured, the SSR/CHS/001 is ideal for use in SWaP constrained environments such as rotorcraft, UAV, and eVTOL platforms with less demanding data acquisition and recording (flight test, FDM, HUMS), aircraft production test, or custom mission recorder requirements.

“With the introduction of the enhanced SSR/CHS/001 data recorder/DAU chassis, Curtiss-Wright furthers its commitment to continually upgrading and improving our extensive range of aerospace instrumentation solutions, such as the popular KAM-500 family of data acquisition systems,” said Lynn Bamford, President, Defense, and Power, “With added features, including PTP v2 grandmaster and slave support, the SSR/CHS/001 becomes an even more compelling choice for smaller data acquisition and recording applications such as production test and smaller aircraft flight test.”

SSR/CHS/001 Performance Features:

  • Rugged CompactFlash-based data storage
  • 100BaseTX Ethernet recorder
  • Built in GPS, digital IRIG-B, PTPV1 synchronization
  • Battery-backed real-time clock
  • Operating range of -40° to 85°C
  • 40 Mbps logging speed
  • PC-friendly FAT32 file system
  • Four user slots for plug-in KAM-500 data acquisition modules

A wide range of KAM-500 plug-in data acquisition modules is available for use with the SSR/CHS/001, including A/D conversion, avionic bus monitoring, and video compression. The chassis’ built-in inputs include audio and IRIG-B/GPS. Setup and real-time monitoring are supported via a rear panel Ethernet port. Because the unit’s CompactFlash removable storage cards are recognized by a PC as FAT32 drives, files are instantly accessible without requiring additional conversion software. The data files are saved in the popular PCAP format and readable with the IADS® and GS Works 8 display and analysis packages, or other third-party software products. Software support includes Curtiss-Wright’s DAS Studio 3 setup software streamlined for rapid configuration.

Curtiss-Wright’s Family of Networkable FTI Data Recorders

The SSR/CHS/001 complements Curtiss-Wright’s industry-leading family of FTI data recorders, ranging from the extremely fast 10 GbE nREC 7000 (1,800 MBps/2,400 GB storage), the cost-effective NET/REC products (48 MBps/64 GB storage; 85 MBps/256 GB storage), and the ADSR-4003 Advanced Data Server and Recorder (1,200 MBps/768 GB storage).


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