Curtiss-Wright Updates Network Enabled Weapons Support for Link 16 for the TCG BOSS TDL Network Simulator and Exerciser System

Curtiss-Wright Updates Network Enabled Weapons (NEW) Support for Link 16 for the TCG BOSS TDL Network Simulator and Exerciser System
The TCG BOSS TDL network simulator and exerciser supports new messages and protocols for link 16 to speed and lower the cost of testing, emulation, and simulation of smart weapons


ASHBURN, Va. – September 10, 2020 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of tactical data link (TDL) software and hardware solutions, has enhanced its industry-leading TCG BOSS (Battlefield Operations Support System) TDL testing, simulation, and platform integration solution. TCG BOSS can be configured to test the entire set of Link 16 NEW J-series messages including J11.0 Weapon Response/Status, J11.1 Weapon Directive, and J11.2 Weapon Coordination messages and use cases NEW weapons can be controlled before and after launch from either the launching platform or from an alternate controlling platform. With NEW support, TCG BOSS can emulate the role of a weapon (such as JSOW, SDB II), initial weapon controller (such as F/A-18), or alternate controller (such as JSTARS, LSRS), as well as targets and the complete data link. This means that it is now possible to emulate and simulate all stages of smart weapons engagement without requiring costly live tests or needing a sample weapon in the test lab. TCG BOSS enables test engineers to verify that all NEW elements and assets are communicating with each other correctly during every phase of operation. What’s more, TCG BOSS enables hypothetical NEW test case scenarios to be easily simulated and repeatedly run without requiring the cost and logistics of putting an aircraft in the air.

“Our TCG BOSS tool has long been recognized as the ‘gold standard’ for simulating and exercising Link 16 and other tactical data link implementations,” said Lynn Bamford, President, Defense and Power. “Now, with the enhanced support for network enabled weapons emulation and simulation, TCG BOSS delivers a significant cost reduction and productivity breakthrough for testing these complex ordnance systems in a lab environment.”

TCG BOSS Performance Features

TCG BOSS with NEW support can emulate and simulate all stages of a NEW engagement, including pre-launch, launch, handoffs, loiter, redirect/retarget, engage, abort, and assessment sequences. TCG BOSS provides both direct and simulated NEW generation and control. Automated message interaction is also available. Key features include:

  • Multiple weapons simulation and real-time control
  • Track and message simulation
  • Automatic correlation and decorrelation
  • Data filtering
  • Automatic and Manual engagement control
  • Offline and Sim-over-Live scenario generation
  • Record/Playback

About the TCG BOSS Battlefield Operations Support System

TCG BOSS is Curtiss-Wright’s TDL testing and platform integration solution. It enables military end-users and prime contractors to verify that the TDL implementations being delivered on aircraft and other military platforms conform to Link 16, Link 11, JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, VMF, DIS, and related TDL standards and interface definitions. TCG BOSS is the worldwide standard for Link 16 testing and is a powerful TDL network simulator and exerciser capable of creating a complete and highly realistic test environment including virtual command and control (C2) assets, network enabled weapons, targets, threats, and simulated network participants. Over 400 TCG BOSS systems are deployed and in operation worldwide. Certification and testing agencies, such as Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), Air Force System Interoperability Test (AFSIT), Navy (China Lake, SAIL, NELO), use TCG BOSS as the standard. Prime contractors such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin use TCG BOSS for platform integration testing.


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