PacStar Introduces Modular Data Center (MDC) 2.0 – Packing More Punch in the Same Small Form Factor

PacStar Introduces Modular Data Center (MDC) 2.0
PacStar MDC 2.0 includes upgraded CPUs, more RAM, more storage, and GPU acceleration in a single airline carry-on size mobile package


PORTLAND, Ore. Feb 27, 2020 ––- PacStar® today launched PacStar Modular Data Center (MDC) 2.0 – a transformative advance in PacStar’s high-performance expeditionary solution that provides warfighters with the groundbreaking ability to deploy data center class computing and storage at the edge of tactical networks. The solution will be unveiled and demonstrated at WEST 2020, which will take place March 2-3 in San Diego, CA.

PacStar MDC 2.0 is based on the widely deployed PacStar 400-Series COTS small form factor modules. It is a tactical and expeditionary rugged data center capable of hosting mission command, cloud/storage, sensor fusion, AI and analytics applications. PacStar MDC 2.0 uses proven small form factor modules for compute, storage and networking functions with industry leading reduction in Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). PacStar MDC 2.0 can be deployed dismounted, in forward operating bases (FOBs), command posts, ground vehicles and aircraft, as well as in upper echelons – for military, intelligence, law enforcement, and Homeland Security use.

Advancements include:

  • Up to 50% more CPU cores, providing compute options supporting more applications, virtual machines or containers
  • Up to 2x more RAM
  • Options for dual-drive servers, supporting more redundancy for select HCI software
  • Options for NVIDIA GPU accelerated servers for GPU optimized AI, video/signal processing, big data analytics software
  • Upgraded PacStar Smart Chassis with more powerful UPS and optimized cooling system (patent pending)

PacStar ensures compatibility with major software infrastructure providers, working with and testing solutions to provide extensive options for our customers. PacStar is pleased to announce that PacStar MDC 2.0 (2-Node vSAN™ Cluster) is VMware® Ready – Storage certified.

PacStar 400-Series platform is widely deployed in the US Army and US Marine Corps, having been selected and deployed by the US Army PM TN T2C2, SFAB, and ESB-E programs and the US Marines NOTM program.

“PacStar MDC 2.0 represents a major advance in compute and storage capabilities at the edge, and shows off PacStar’s rapid and continuous innovation and commitment to deliver solutions to meet this quickly evolving need,” said Peggy Miller, chief executive officer, PacStar.

PacStar will introduce the product at our booth (#701) at West 2020 March 2-3 2020, in San Diego, CA. To learn more, and download the datasheet, visit the PacStar MDC 2.0 web page here.

About PacStar

Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar) is a leading provider of advanced communications solutions for a wide range of military, intelligence and commercial applications. PacStar created and manufactures its COTS-based rugged, small form factor expeditionary and mobile communications systems. Separately, it developed integrated, network communications management software, IQ-Core® Software, for the military, federal, state/local government and emergency responder markets. The company’s patented IQ-Core® Software, hardware technology and integrated solutions provide secure, command, control and communications systems, particularly in remote or infrastructure starved areas. In addition, PacStar’s communications systems are ideally suited for commercial/industrial organizations with mission-critical field communications requirements.

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