TTC Mn664-2000L

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The Mn664-2000L includes an ARINC-664 bus interface module, a processor, power supply, and an IEEE 1588 time and Ethernet interface module that also functions as an overhead card (MGPI-500-1).

The Mn664-2000L is a miniature networked encoding unit that timestamps and processes incoming ARINC-664 data and sends packetized data to designated nodes on an Ethernet network. Its ARINC-664 (AFDX) data bus interface module receives data from an ARINC-664 avionic switch.

Each fiber optic interface transmits and receives using different wavelengths on the same physical fiber (Note: the transmit path on the Mn664-2000L is permanently disabled). The interface performs integrity and management per ARINC-664 part 7 and all incoming messages are time-tagged with IEEE 1588 time using hardware at the interface. Integrity and redundancy filtering capability can be disabled.

The Mn664-2000L outputs up to 50 Mbps of data or 50,000 data packets (whichever is slower) through its 100BASE-T Ethernet output interface.


  • Network-based ARINC-664 data acquisition and encoding unit (DAU)
  • Fast Ethernet 100BASE-T port for:
    • Acquisition setup and configuration
    • SNMP status and control
    • Acquisition data transport
    • Time synchronization using IEEE 1588
  • One dual-redundant ARINC-664 receive interface module
  • Supports up to 64K VLIDs
  • Provides an optical interface to the ARINC-664 bus
  • Full integrity and redundancy management per the ARINC-664 part 7 standard
  • Performs complete reassembly of fragmented messages
  • Messages are time-tagged at the interface with IEEE 1588 PTP time
  • SNMP MIB catalog for statistics monitoring
  • Environmentally sealed package
  • Small footprint



  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Avionics data acquisition unit
  • Air vehicle test, certification, or development
  • Ethernet-based distributed network systems
  • System safety monitoring
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